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Southeast Energy Alliance Supports Safe Oil and Gas Development in Alaska January 31, 2008

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For Immediate Release:    

Contact: Michael Whatley / 202-674-1750  /  mwhatley@southeastenergyalliance.org        

Houston, TX –  The Southeast Energy Alliance (SEA), a non-partisan energy coalition that includes farm bureaus, state manufacturing associations, chambers of commerce, rural electric cooperatives and individual businesses throughout the Southeast, praised the decision of the U.S. Minerals Management Services (MMS) to make available tracts for oil and natural gas development in offshore Alaska through a competitive bid during the Federal Chukchi Sea Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Sale 193 in Anchorage, Alaska today. 

SEA Executive Director Michael Whatley said, “The lease sale today will allow us to tap into one of the most promising and considerably undeveloped areas in the United States. It is important that we encourage responsible domestic energy production and draw attention to the need for our nation to develop a more secure energy supply.” 

“At a time when oil prices are skyrocketing and our national economy is hanging by a thread, it is ludicrous to place our national energy resources off-limits. We must have a balanced and robust approach to meeting our energy needs, and our national energy policy should reflect that,” said Whatley.  “The Chukchi Sea contains more than 27 billion barrels of oil and 132 trillion cubic feet of natural gas – this could make a material difference to our nation’s energy security.” 

 “The current debate in Washington is blind to market realities and will, if the environmental groups have their way, cripple our economy for generations to come.” 

Whatley added that safe development of the resource-rich Chukchi Sea is essential to diversifying the nation’s energy portfolio and noted that U.S. energy policy should recognize the need for improved efficiency and both traditional and non-traditional energy resources. 

“We should continue to support alternative energy and improved energy efficiency, but we also need to acknowledge that oil and natural gas will continue to play the predominate role in meeting our energy needs for decades to come,” Whatley said. “Our nation’s energy security will suffer and consumer prices will continue to rise if we fail to act now to ensure the responsible access and development of domestic oil and gas resources, such as those within the Chukchi.” 

SEA’s mission is to develop and implement sound energy policies that will help reduce gasoline, diesel and electricity prices, as well as expand Southern energy production. 




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