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The 90 Route October 6, 2008

Posted by Reginald Johnson in Uncategorized.

If you have lived in Washington, DC and haven taken the bus, depending on which route you take it can be an interesting experience.  Some routes are calm and gives you a great chance to really interact with locals – in their own environment.

Other routes can literally scare you to death!  But most of the time, taking the bus is just an experience in itself.

Taking the subway/metro/tube whatever you want to can easily be considered calm because you sorta have all this protection while traveling.  You have cameras on the subway and in the actual stations.  You have metro transit workers in the kioskis at all of the enterances.  You have people who are interested in taking their time and enjoying the moment.

On the bus, depending on which one you take, it can be the reverse.  All week long I will talk about some interesting situations I have witnessed while taking mass transit.

The first I refer to as the Morning Drinker.

It’s not unusual for a person to be on the bus and see someone that has hand an enjoyable time where they are coming from.  You might see a person looking as if he/she  has had one fine evening.  What is unusual is seeing the same kind of person at 9am.  That’s right…9am.

This guy that I saw on one occassion on the metro, was obviously drunk.  It’s unknown if he was just heading home or was getting his day started.  What was apparent was he was drunk.

This particular day, he was sitting on the bus in the morning just totally drunk.  At the very next stop after I got on, someone else boarded the bus and sat next to him.  Unfortunately, it was the only empty spot before it became standing crowd only.  The drunk guy must have decided this must mean this clean cut guy in a business suit wants to talk to me.  SOOOOOOO…..he shared greetings with the clean cut guy and later said, “It’s a beautiful morning isn’t it?”  Clean cut replied, “It is a pleasant morning.”  Drunk guy said, “You know I had a fun night last night.”  Clean cut said nothing.  “You wanna know where I was at,” said drunk guy.  Clean cut did not respond, but you got the impression he did not want to know.

“There was this G… I… R… L…” (spelling out the word for some reason) that I ran into, and guess what?!  She had a bottle of “G… I… N…”  Some nearby people snikered.  Drunk guy said, “I had a good time last night, although I don’t remember what happened after the gin.  I just remember sitting on the bus.”

You would have thought the story would have ended there, but drunk guy would have no part of that.  Drunk guy said; with ferver, “President Bush and me drank at Capitol Grille and had a hot dog with a street vendor.  He always ask me what I think about things.”  Clean cut asked the guy if he please stop talking to him.

Drunk guy wasn’t feeling the love.

He said, “Do you know I am a veteran if the future Chinese War? I also once was stuck in Central America and had to borrow money from a very weird who looked a lot like the bus driver.”  Interesting.  “Yep, he looks a lot like the bus driver,” drunk guy said with assurance from somewhere.  “The woman sitting across from drunk guy said, “The bus driver is a woman.”

Drunk guy responded, “Damn…he looks like a strange woman.”

Almost immediately, the drunk guy realised he was on the right bus going the wrong direction the whole time and quickly got off at the next stop.  As he got off the bus he told the bus driver, “I won’t tell anyone that I ow you money.”

I say, “Long live public transit in DC because it keeps me amused.”


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