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Reginald D. Johnson, is a special correspondent/freelance writer in the Washington, D.C. area.

Professionally, he has covered a wide variety of national and international interests. Everything ranging from health care to the farm bill to international law and beyond. Mr. Johnson has met/interviewed people from all branches of government (local, state and federal).

Mr. Johnson also has attended press conferences by the current administration cabinet members/world leaders/and pop culture celebrities.

Reginald is a member of Regional Reporters Association, Independent Journalists of America, United States Black Writers Association, Online News Association and The Association of Washington Independent Writers.

Reginald has been a Game-Day employee of the Major League Soccer team, DC United seven of the last eight years. He is a part-time artist who has sold artwork at Touchstone Gallery, & VisionArt; all located in Washington, D.C. Over a decade ago he had three poems published in an Arkansas publication, The Echo.

Reginald has also volunteered his time as a G.E.D. instructor at the Mitch Snyder Arts & Education Centre. For two years he served as Volunteer Coordinator for the Adams-Morgan Festival. He is an active member of Volunteers of DC. For five years, Reginald has been volunteering with DC Central Kitchen by helping to prepare foods for various shelters in the District. He also volunteers at Gospel Central Mission. He presently a two year member and Organiser of the Washington Soccer Society, which boasts membership of 180 members.

I am always looking for a freelance opportunity.

I am experienced with varied styles of writing, from newspaper, short-form online and essay.

I have video editing and production, photography, blogging and limited web design experience, as well.

May 20, 2008:

George Bush Apologises to Iraqi Prime Minister

World Bank Refuses to Send Aid to Myanmar

May 21, 2008:

Lebanese Government and Hezbollah Reach Agreement

Clinton and Obama on Final Run

May 22, 2008

UN Chief Speaks with Myanmar PM

Temporary Homes to House Chinese Earthquake Victims

May 23, 2008

Myanmar Agrees to Admit Foreign Aid Staff

Suicide Bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan

May 29, 2008

World Bank Directs Funds to Fight Food Crisis

Mars Lander Ready to Explore the Red Planet

Ex-Foreign Minister Bernier’s Girlfriend Gaffe could Harm Canada’s Reputation

June 3, 2008

Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Arrives in Washington

June 19, 2008

Canada Mystery Clouded by Hoax

June 25, 2008

Zimbabweans Ask for Aslyum

Terrorist Attack on Saudi Oil

French Kidnap Victims Released in Niger

June 26, 2008

Canada Gets new Foreign Minister

North Korea Comes Clean on Nuclear Matters

Taliban Creeping into More of Afghanistan

Conrad Black to Stay in Jail

Oxfam Warns the World is Going Hungry

July 26, 2008

Nigerian Militants Release Kidnapped Workers

July 27, 2008

Terror Group Threatens Beijing Olympics

July 28, 2008

Canada to Send 200 More Troops to Afghanistan

More Thaksin scandal emerges in Thailand

August 13, 2008

Democrat Chairman Killed By Shooter

Minorities Expected to be Majority in 2050

August 14, 2008

Tsvangarai Travel Documents Confiscated

August 18, 2008

U.S Reacts to Musharraf Resignation

Leave or Face More Deaths, Taliban Warns Canada

August 20, 2008

Fruit with Certain Drugs Nets Good Results

August 21, 2008

Gary Glitter to Roam the World

August 25, 2008

Democrats Converge in Denver, Colorado


Mental Health in African-Americans

Depression in Black Men




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